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How to Stop Decision Fatigue From Ruining Your Future

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

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Less Deciding, More Doing!

When you think about making progress on your goals and becoming more consistent in your behaviors, you might not give too much thought to how much decision-making could be holding you back. But it turns out, it could be messing things up for you a lot worse than you think.

A lot of what holds us back is our limited tolerance for decisions. Think of it like this: if you go to the gym and pick up a weight, you can only lift it so many times before your muscles will run out of steam. Your brain works the same way with decisions. You can only make so many before it needs a break.

As I write this in 2018, the amount of decisions a person makes each day is absolutely staggering. Furthermore, while many people think it’s a relief from their day's demands to pick up their smartphone, a torrential deluge of decisions await you there at any given moment. Reply or ignore? Like or don’t like? Open or don’t? Scroll on or stop to read? Comment? Deal with now or later? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It does not take very long at all before your decisive powers are severely weakened. And while there are many steps to take to reduce decision fatigue, how much better to make sure that it will never be your excuse for failing to follow through on your most valuable goals?

Now of course, there are always decisions to be made, every step of the way. But, getting your butt into action doesn’t have to be one of them. Instead, harness the power of habit! If you can turn the actions that you need to take to reach your goals into habits, it won't matter how fatigued your decision-maker is; the action will be automatic--no decision required!

Don't allow decision fatigue to interfere with your progress towards your future; hijack your habits, and make that progress (and the success that comes with it) automatic and inevitable.

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