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How to be Unstoppable in Pursuing Your Goals

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

Powerful blue river flowing through a green forest with white-water rapids
Repetition, like a steadily flowing river, can carve an activity deeply into your behavioral patterns.

You will find numbers ranging from 40% to 98% depending on the definitions used in the research, but one thing is becoming clear: a majority of our daily activity is habit. In other words, most of your life is spent with an illusion of decision, but with a reality of programming. Routines, tasks, reactions, even many of our choices are actually predetermined by the programming we have set up in our brains.

I think it’s a fair judgment to say that whatever you spend the majority of your time doing are the things you will become best at. Still more obvious, the more time that you can devote to the practices you desire to develop, the better you will get at them. So now let me ask you a simple question: if the majority of your time is spent acting out of habit, wouldn’t the most obvious way of impacting the direction of your life be to hijack your habits?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “force of habit” before. It’s usually used as an excuse when you do something inappropriate to the situation without thought (“Sorry, it’s a force of habit!”). What you’re really saying is that the behavior in question has become automatic--involuntary, even--by repetition. This is the power of consistent action; it can develop over time into an activity that you engage in automatically, maybe even involuntarily, without even having to think about it. The repetition, like a steadily flowing river, has carved the activity deeply into your behavioral patterns.

Imagine the progress you could make towards your goals if you began taking the consistent and deliberate actions necessary to achieve them automatically! Forget about decision fatigue. You wouldn’t have to decide to do it anymore! Forget about overcoming inertia. You wouldn’t have to make a start anymore!

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