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How to Pursue Your Purpose, Step 1

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

"Acceptance is the First Step to Recovery"

The very first step in pursuing your purpose is the same as any journey; admitting there is a journey to be made. This involves two separate acceptances. First, accepting that You Have a Purpose.

You have a purpose. You have a purpose that is unique to you, as you are unique. Everything you are, everything in your past, everything you will become, is a unique unfolding of you. Just as you are always transforming, you are also always finding your individual voice. Learning that you have something to say with that voice is the first work. You don't need to know what it is yet; just that it is. That there is some great work, some unique self-expression that only you can offer to this world--after all, only you can be you.

I won't try to prove to you that you have a purpose. This is something you simply have to accept. It is truth. It is the starting point. You Have a Purpose.

The second acceptance is that you aren't living your purpose right now. At least, not consciously. And if you aren't pursuing your purpose consciously, then you aren't pursuing it at all. To be sure, there are things happening in your life right now that are ignorantly, serendipitously preparing you to live out your purpose. But until you engage in intentional action, any expression of your purpose is just that--serendipity.

However, once you accept that you are not living out your purpose, you can change an instant.

You Have a Purpose. And, maybe, you're not living your purpose right now. But once you accept these truths, you can change everything.

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